Growing Up Pediatrics Final 2016-019Whether you are delivering your new baby at a local hospital, birthing center or home, we welcome your new addition to our practice. If you deliver in a hospital, please call our office on the day mom and baby are discharged to make an initial appointment in 2-3 days. If you deliver at a birthing center or at home, we would like to see your baby within 48 hours or so of delivery.

Once your baby is born or if questions arise prior to their birth, do not hesitate to call our office with questions or concerns. We strongly recommend that newborns have both a hearing screen and the state newborn screen. Call our office with any questions regarding these tests.

Please remember to add your newborn to your insurance policy by calling either your Human Resources Department or the insurance company. The baby will not be automatically added to the policy.

If you are adopting, domestic or international, we are excited to meet the new addition to your family. Please call our office to discuss with our nurses the best timing for your visit.

All of our providers have appointments to meet with expectant parents or families looking for a new pediatric office. Please call our office and request to set up a “prenatal visit” or a “meet the provider visit” at no cost to you to learn more about us.